Private Home Cleaning

We offer two types of professional cleaning services, along with green cleaning, upon request. Basic cleaning, which may include: kitchen surfaces, kitchen appliances, mopping kitchen and bathroom floors, bathroom surfaces, toilets, showers, tubs, mirrors and glass surfaces, surface dusting, stainless steel, vacuuming hard floors and carpets, and trash disposal. Our In-depth cleanings may include: windows, ovens, refrigerators, scrubbing non-carpeted floors, slider tracks, dusting sideboards, ceiling fans, grill cleaning, kitchen cabinets, home organizing, fireplace ash removal, garage and basements, furniture polishing, and cobweb removal.

Commercial Cleaning

We do everything required of a private cleaning, but along with whatever needs your business has.

Construction Clean-up

Construction sites are covered with dust and require special care. During our construction clean-up, we are sure to vacuum and wipe every surface, get into drawers and vents, and take extra caution to not scratch or damage anything.

Rental Turnovers

We provide rental turnover services for both realtors and private owners. At the request of the client, we do a brisk home cleaning and can also make beds and do laundry, and whatever else is requested.

Dump Runs and Storage Cleanouts

We haul your trash to the dump! We also will go through your basement, attic, shed, garage, etc, and clean it out, organize, and haul away trash with our professional cleaning services